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Are you an addict? Are you addicted to your own failures? Drugs? Bad relationships?

Become habituated.

The Contents include:
Rabbit Hole
Crime Scene
Cry Wolf
Stealing Air
60 Days

Download your copy of Habitué (PDF).

Original publishing date: October 1, 2020.


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Critical Acclaim from Readers:

Rabbit Hole

"This is a really good rhyme scheme, which I don't usually like but with the content it doesn't make anything "cheesy" and [t]he amount of repletion used is not overbearing, its just perfect. Thank you for shedding light on this issue and your personal journey."

"This is a good piece I hope many people read. I wish some people I knew could have read it before they went down that path."

"Reading this creative write give me time to pose to thought and i believe there is more to this write than meets the writing. Excellent write."

"A pertinent and timely message. The metaphor is an interesting one, and this gives the reader much food for thought..."