Saint in the Devil You Know

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in the Devil You Know
Eavanlee has many troubles, a rogue Cardinal and the Devil of the Damned, just to start. As a newly wedded woman, she would love to spend all her time with her husband, Girard Algernon, in their Saintuary. The only problem is that her problems keep on mounting, leaving little time to be content with her life. 

She is faced with the knowledge that in the coming battle between good and evil, both sides are playing their moves and countermoves to the middle. Eavanlee is the convergence for the entire melee. That leaves Saintuary hanging in the balance.

Will she and Girard find a way to end the stalemate, and the war, without losing themselves in the process?

It's always the devil you know. 


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Original publishing date: August 30, 2022

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When clergy and demons work for the same team, it's always the devil you know.

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Critical Acclaim from Readers  

“All of Saint’s wishes come true. What a testament to believing in oneself! The Hero’s Journey is written well here.” 

"What a great ending to this series."