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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Superfiction Added to the Fiction Section

Ever wanted to write a story where you did not have to pretend you weren't one of the characters? Superfiction allows for writers to play a new game with the creative nonfiction/fiction genres. 

Two books are in the works: 

Expedition Amenti to Avalon

More information will be released as publication dates are announced. 

Have a great and wonderful day.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Blood Novel Review and Ruth Miranda Interview

If you are into unique writing styles, avant garde with an emphasis on the psychology of individual characters, then Ruth Miranda may be the writer for you.

A fresh perspective on the paranormal genre is hard to discover these days but Blood by Ruth Miranda is up there with the likes of Jim Butcher.

When you think of Ruth Miranda; think the style and composition of George Eliot.

Sometimes the refreshing is found in the unexpected. 

How did you get into writing?

MIRANDA: I started writing short stories as soon as I learned to string sentences together, so I've pretty much written since I was seven, eight years old. I write out of necessity to put down the stories in my head, am constantly making up stories there.

Were you always the creative sort?

MIRANDA: I've always been into stringing words together, but was hopeless at any other form of creative work, can't sing, can't draw, can't play any musical instruments. I did dance ballet for a while and wasn't too bad.

Why the topic of pretenaturals? Did you make up the term?

MIRANDA: I've always liked the idea of creatures living amongst us that are not like us, humans. That they differ from us in their genetics, their capabilities, but are as prone as we are to all that makes us who and what we are as individuals and persons. I don't think I invented the term, though, I think I've seen it around for a while.

Since the paranormal realm and its creatures are metaphors for the human condition, what does your writing say about being human?

MIRANDA: I don't use paranormal and creatures as metaphors, I use them as I may use a character of chinese descent, or african, or suomi. It's just another race, in my books. Of course, they do have powers humans don't, but I've never thought of using vampires for metaphors, for example.

BLOOD by Ruth Miranda is an intriguing coming of age story for Caius part Fey and all immortal. He struggles with events in his life that have left him mourning the loss of his fiancé and confused about his natural paranormal abilities. On the search to discover his past, Caius enters a world unlike his own: the world of vampires, witches, and Fey.

Ms. Miranda brings a new kind of reality into creation. In the same vein as Jim Butcher, Blood opens the reader into her fertile imagination. Dialogue moves the plot and characters along a path filled with suspense and intrigue. What will happen if Caius discovers his true identity? Will he confront his father? Save his brother, Marcus?

Blood is not your typical novel. Descriptive words sketch out characters and setting like a work of art. Enjoy this masterful piece of paranormal fantasy and paint your way through the chapters by the number.

For more information and publications by this writer, please visit her Amazon author's page: Ruth Miranda

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The Classics Never Get Old

As a disabled American, I cannot afford much on a fixed income. Internet is a medical necessity but overpriced as a luxury service. Not when I would pay sixty-five dollars in town for the same supplement bottle I buy online for under thirty. The internet ends up paying for itself. 

A tight budget means no cable. I cannot watch any of my favorite shows. The current fodder plastered on the small screen is chalk full of psychological manipulations and political pageantry. None of it is very satisfying and definitely more psyop than entertainment. I turned my set off for the summer. 

That was until Antenna TV began airing the Johnny Carson Show. First the network had the show on at 10:30pm. Great, I don't have to listen to the unfunny people of the other current late night talk shows. Then Johnny got switched to an hour later. 

All the shows I did not get to see because I was too young to watch; I had school the next day are now available to me. Well, everyday except Fridays when I would catch a view from time to time. 

This old show from the sixties to the nineties was insightful, informative, and entertaining. The combination that is lacking in entertainment nowadays. From film to television, to reality shows, Hollywood is too geared toward teaching me how to sit and beg like a dog instead of having a real dog do the tricks. 

I surf by show after show that has gays, lesbians, or interracial couples. That's fine to see a mixture of people. We are the United States. The line I see entertainment crossing is social engineering us to think or feel one way or another.

Everything is about balance and our entertainment should represent our cultural wealth, not just a few segments of society. I'm still trying to find that richness, which is not celebrated on the screen.

I am a crazy person. I believe people should marry out of love and not because a film or show made it cool. A couple will not last long if they don't have anything in common. Love sometimes is just not enough. 

Even though in my stories, love is rewarded. I write in the Jane Austen school of thought where every woman should marry for love and always marry up. That is what makes a good story. Will s/he find their match in [insert character name here]? 

We are innately attracted to the romantic archetype. We also have other structures we love to watch. Performers performing to make us laugh or cry. Sometimes performers perform for the sake of a smile on another person's face.

Vaudville antics with interviews and comedians is a wonderful combination. I wish I could find more of that type of goodwill today. I turn on the television and receive a guttural dose of social justice warriors gone wild. 

And mad. These people seem very angry over every little damn thing. Everything is a personal mission. A boycott. A vendetta. 

Bored now. 

I like entertainment. 

How can I order that to be played instead of all the divisiveness?