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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Summer Time of a Writer's Life

After a health scare that landed me in the emergency room, I have been convalescing by catching up on some creative endeavors: digital art and short story writing. That nasty stomach flu that put Oprah Winfrey in the hospital did me in as well. IV fluids, two rounds of antibiotics, and almost eight weeks later... I feel like my old disabled-by-illness self again. 

There is nothing like being ill, then catching a virus that sets off dehydration and a painful infection to make a sickie feel right at home with their disability! All joking aside, the last month and a half has been unfun to say the least, but I am back now... 60% of me anyway. Until my mold illness is cured, I will always be 60% or less of an able-bodied person. 

Thems the breaks. 

As I gathered my strength, I have focused on my creative to-do list. I have written and submitted two short stories that I hope you will enjoy. First is: Kurst. The second is: 12 Angry Dead. Each are under 6550 words. If accepted, then these two will be given the extended version treatment and will become Novelettes or Novelas.

Kurst: Karen Kurst inherits her grandmother's cabin in Salt Pines, Arizona. She learns that all is not what it seems in the quaint mountain village. A creature lurks in the woods. This cross between a cryptid, Sasquatch, and a Skinwalker can only be caged by a magical spell written by her ancestor, Ralph Wallen. With the help of the local indigenous sheriff, Karen sets her sights on ending the family curse. 

But will she have to give up her own life in order to save her newfound community? 


12 Angry Dead is a story that I have wanted to write for years. With the original story combined with the guidelines of The Hanging Tree anthology, this narrative blossomed into a true tale of vengeance versus justice. It is also a paranormal, supernatural re-imaging of the film: 12 Angry Men.

I hope you enjoy these short fiction selections available this year through WordCrafter Press's anthologies: Dark Fiction and The Hanging Tree. 

Have a great rest of your day. 


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Friday, February 27, 2015

Chateau Du Medan

Paul Cezzane painted the Chateau Du Medan as seen here below.

Chateau Du Medan

Let's stand on the shore
and reminisce about the past
near the shores of the Chateau Du Medan.

A nice warm day rises
with clouds streaming away,
sunbathing as we all wish to do.

The sun rides the ripples
in the river below
to tell us to dance the day away.

What a wonderful time
of green meadows, white clouds,
blue skies, and yellow sun.

I too remember in my dreams
the Chateau Du Medan
as the respite for my waking soul.

Source: Nice Art Gallery

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Vultures and Telemarketers


We all know them. We have had these people in our life but have you ever seen one? A  real, wild vulture? 

I have. 

I was able to cross this item off my bucket list before I had a chance to put it on. One day someone brought me a gift in his hands. Someone had discovered a baby vulture. I petted its head and then washed my hands for several minutes just in case. My close encounter with the carrion kind was over 10 years ago, but I still remember it. 

To pet a wild, carrion bird is awe inspiring. So fragile but so grand. Carrion birds are necessary to the ecosystem. To meet one is a very humbling experience. 

So earlier this week when I viewed six vultures gliding on the air toward their nesting trees a couple miles away by the river front, I remembered my personal introduction to a baby one. 

But there are other types of vultures. People vultures. With my illness and being disabled by it, I have had my fair share of vulture run-ins. Even now, I have to deal with a situation I should not have to because other people feel entitled to what is not theirs. Vultures.

As I slept in my bed one night, someone called at almost 3am. I did not bother to even pick up. After days of incessant ringing, I answered. The sad situation was it was a telemarketer. The Asian sounding woman on the other end was looking for a Josh. Really? Josh Gates, perhaps?

After I trashed her dreams of finding Josh, she made the travel opportunity available to me. Wait for it... I'm sorry, I am disabled and cannot travel. Let the guilt trip for calling my ass begin. Well, I doubt that company will be calling my unlisted, Do Not Call List number again. 


Have a great and vulture free day!

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