The Reality Hackers

What is reality? Are you sure what you see is real?

When a group of scientists corrupts reality and creates a consciousness paradox, one man, Justin Chisum, decides to stand against his former research partner, Bernard Chester, and correct the problem. 

Justin must find and convince his other partner, Emma Gillespie that her world is inverted as well as his and hopes that she will help him defeat Bernard's planned ascension, which left unchallenged will create a destructive quantum singularity.

Will Justin make it in time to save the universe from certain annihilation? Or, will his plan fail because he believes what Bernard's reality creates for him: a fairy tale illusion of reality? 

Not all fairy tales have happy endings, will Justin's?

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Original Legacy Universe publishing date: May 23, 2023.
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What if the quantum universe resides in our minds? That our consciousness is the means for reality? ...then what would happen if someone toyed with the multiverse, universe of your mind? Justin Chisum finds out, doesn't like what he sees, and tries to correct the paradox, but will his actions cost him his existence?  
A scifi classic in the making, The Reality Hackers is based on scientific facts and studies as well as personal experiences.

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Critical Acclaim from Readers: 

"Thank you so much for reading and commenting on [DL Mullan]’s short story. Reality Hackers is a great story." 

"I really enjoyed reading this post. It is one of my favorites so far in the tour. Quite original."

"'The Reality Hackers' sounds truly frightening!" 

"Definitely thought-provoking."  

"[DL Mullan]’s story sounds frightening...! I enjoyed learning about its inspiration. Scary and weird facts mixed in there."

"This story struck me as being very scary cutting edge science fiction, the kind that makes one ponder the 'what ifs'. I'm sure readers will enjoy it immensely." 

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