Phantastic is a book of poetry full of astronomical, speculative fiction, and scientific inspiration. 

"Not usually a poetry fan but someone here recommended I check this book out and I am so glad I did! Wow you are very good - the poems are intelligent, understandable and yet fanatstic! Truly - you are gifted in this arena!"

"You have a poet's skill and a scientist's heart...wicked combination!"

Take a ride into the space-time continuum from the comfort of your own home.

The Contents include: 
Red Shift*
Moon over Aphrodite
Meteor Shower
Asymptote                           Read        Listen
Solar System

also an assortment of three line poems,
and Galactic Ride (An Excerpt)

*Features award winning poem: Red Shift.

Original publishing date: June 14, 2022.


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Critical Acclaim from Readers:

Red Shift

"A very well put piece regarding how things that are significant to us as being are insignificant in perspective."

"Hah! Love the comical ending."

"very imaginative and balanced write...everything imaginable down the drain eventually." 


Moon over Aphrodite
"Superb piece of writing..."

"Good to see a [wo]man moved to writing by passion. Always!"

"I like the wording, images and metaphors. This is nicely written."

"Great poem."