Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Summer Time Seasonal Reads 2022

When summer rolls around, we are ready to sit by the pool with an iced tea. A book is worth all the rays of the sun. Summer is about finding time for yourself, to relax. 

The days are longer. The nights are warm. Summer is the fantasy season of our lives.

Out by the water, what to do? Read with your sunglasses on, of course!  
Publications available for purchase through Lulu

Saint in the Big Easy

What happens when you discover the only person who can save you is you?  
A Writer's Guide to Writing
Push the envelope and become great.

Escape into Poetry with this dynamic chapbook about nature's volatility. 

The Rain: Monsoon in the Desert
Immerse yourself in the desert southwest in this folk narrative. 


Legacy Universe mythological short stories being released are:  

June 6th
The Story of Vigdis and Adalbrandir
What if you discovered the gods' secret? 

June 14th
The Story of Excalibur
Where did the sword come from? 



As well, A Novelist Idea has a new project and other community activities for our Fearless Philes. Become a member. Participant with others. Share and Like the content. The expansion of your imagination through creativity is based on your own contributions. The more you play; the more you win! 

Undawnted's Summer Time Seasonal Reads Program runs June 1st through August 31st

We hope you join us in our summer activities. 

Have a great and wonderful day. 


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