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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Undawnted's Writer's Workshops in Special Engagements is a Top Notch Classical Education

If you are a creative writer (prose or poetry) or know someone who is, then Undawnted's Special Engagements is the place for you.

DL Mullan gives a classical education minus the socialist, social engineering, safe space, et al., propaganda. Her workshops can be used for homeschooling and to supplement college level courses. These exercises could well be used in a college course setting as assignments in and of themselves.

Ms. Mullan has a Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology (EDU coursework that enables her to be the Director of Libraries, Info Resources, Computer Commons, Gifted Programs, and Teaching/Learning Centers for Instructors). She develops her own curriculum to match her creative writing skills and interests. During the worldwide lockdown of 2020, DL Mullan began publishing these workshops for free. 

If you would like to challenge your writing, imagination, or knowledge, especially in history, literature, and mythology, then please avail yourself to these workshops. 

Movie, theater, literature (readings), and lecture experiences are the different modalities to knowing, understanding, and applying a classical education to the modern world. These topics also provide a well-rounded perspective when engaging with an audience. 

If you find any of these workshops helpful, as assignments for the traditional or homeschooling education avenues, or for any other benefit, please be sure to let DL Mullan know through Undawnted's Contact Form. She would be pleased to know. 
Questions, concerns, or praise would help her maintain the high level of integrity and quality for anyone seeking this type of classical education. 
These workshops are her public service to her beloved audience. Please share if these creative writing exercises have given you insights into your own universe. 

As a side note, these writing exercises are also complimentary to playwrights/scriptwriters, actors/actresses, costume/set designers, computer animation teams, and directors. DL Mullan is a performance talent and sees value in every aspect of storytelling, from technical to the imaginative, as her experience has shown. Everyone can benefit from her unique educational approach that combines visual, auditory, and kinetic learning styles.

Thank you. 

UPDATE: Writer's Workshops have been moved to our Premium Content page and will be available as part of our monthly fee-based subscription service coming in 2023. 

Learn. Grow. Master... with Undawnted.