Unleashed Materials: Visual, Auditory, & Kinesthetic Learning in Writer's Workshops

Undawnted understands the modalities that create successful learning environments. Visual, auditory, and kinetic learning will be represented in each exercise, as applicable. 

Learning online is two-dimensional. That is a challenge for any instructor, student, and learning environment. 

  • Visual is represented by lectures, reading, movies, and theatrical performances.
  • Auditory is represented by lectures, movies, and theatrical performances. 
  • Kinesthetic is represented by using models, drawings, technology on the move (watching movies and lectures while exercising), diagrams, and taking notes. 

DL Mullan wants your learning experience to be a success. 

If you would like a specialized workshop assignment, please use Undawnted's Contact Form and let Ms. Mullan know what would help you in a specific workshop.

Thank you.  


UPDATE: Writer's Workshops have been moved to our Premium Content page and will be available as part of our monthly fee-based subscription service coming in 2023. 

Learn. Grow. Master... with Undawnted.



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