Saturday, October 16, 2021

On My Poetry Forum for Review: Desert Mesquite*

Desert Mesquite* is a delicious ride of our senses. The poem bends our reality to taste the season in our minds.

This poem evokes a sensual feeling that will be featured in the upcoming chapbook, Oracle. Desert Mesquite is currently on My Poetry Forum for review. Read it for yourself and leave a comment. 

If you would like to read other poems by DL Mullan, be sure to check out the forum for more of her selections under Undawnted


*Desert Mesquite is no longer available for perusal, see articles below.

Articles pertaining to Desert Mesquite: 


The definitive ride on rhymes is the upcoming Chapbook: Oracle.

Oracle : an authoritative or wise expression or answer 
"This is first for me. I have never read genre poetry before. I love it. Hugely imaginative and utterly unique..."

"Nice one here! Drag it out a bit more next time. I like the style."

"Superb piece of writing..."

"Beautifully expressed. It comes as no surprise that in a world structure as this one finds oneself in a complex emotional equation as this, until it runs its course and takes a turn at some point."

Visit Oracle on Undawnted.

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