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Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Summer is Heating Up on Undawnted

Triple digits in the Sonoran Desert with the monsoon bringing wind, dust, and precipitation to the arid landscape. Yep! It's summer! 

Summer is 93 days long in the Northern Hemisphere. With autumn twelve weeks away, Undawnted is set to release new publications as well as update past ones. 

Undawnted's Youtube Summer Time Banner

On the slate for our new releases include:

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Have a great and wonderful summer!

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Undisclosed Release Party is Tonight!

From 6pm to 9pm (MST/PST) on June 25, 2022, A Novelist Idea Newsletter will be hosting a release party for the Long Form poem: Undisclosed. 

From the Undisclosed dedicated Undawnted page:

What is it about Ufology that grabs our attention? Are humans alone in the universe? Or, do we fantasize about the possibilities that other intelligent life roams our galaxy? 

This long form poem is the creative twist on government cover-ups, calls for disclosure, as well as testimony of many whistleblowers.

 "Truly an out of this world read." 

 "Disclosure that entertains and rhymes!"

Are you being deceived about UFOs?   


Check out more of her poetic selections on Sonoran Dawn Poetry's Lulu page


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