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Friday, April 22, 2016

Tribute to Prince

With our visual, digital society artists and musicians have an opportunity to capture our imagination. Prince was one of the very few that not only enticed us, he had the talents to back up his abilities. 

He wrote music for himself and others. He used his star power to support and expose new female artists to a larger stage. He was a community man, always giving back. 

So thank you for the memories, Prince.

I grew up with your music and I am grateful for it. You had a unique view of the world. Not many artists can paint the world purple, but you did. 

Have a nice rest and I will see you, when I see you. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Paranormal Personalities Are Humans Too

I was doing a little research into the paranormal this evening and ran into story after story about personalities in the paranormal field who have allegedly done wrong. 

It is sad. 

If you are in the pubic eye, you need to step up.  That is just reality. You need to be beyond reproach.

As fans we also must remember not to place others on pedestals, reality television people are humans too. Mistakes are made. Stress is paralyzing. We must make sure to be good fans.

With that all said, I have read some disturbing articles about scamming people and not living up to expectations. That is not cool. 

It is a sad day when you try to support someone and that person does not support you back. 

I have ran into a similar situation and the person in my view is a fraud. We all deal with people like this in our lives. Some are just overwhelmed. Others believe you owe them a living. How do you know the difference? 

When you do not receive a product you have ordered or money returned. That is how. 

How would you deal with the scammer in your life?

Have a great and wonderful day. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Lost Cat Equals Lost Mind

My little black, orange, and white calico went missing for a whole day.

I thought she escaped outside. Nope. I looked high and low inside. Still no cat. WTF? Was she interdimensional? 

So after calling her all day and evening and not remembering seeing her anytime in the morning, I was a little more than concerned. I even fed everyone their soft food without her showing up. I was flabbergasted. 

So I watched my usual television shows. One had a very sad ending, but I ended up crying because I could not find my defenseless indoor cat. She was born and raised in my house. She has no other reference. She could easily be hit by a car.  Or worse, she could be eaten by a coyote. 

The desert is fraught with danger. 

Well, crying seems to be the kitty calling card. She came out of her hiding place like nothing happened. I am sure she found some spot to nestle into where my human eyes could not see. 

Anything to make my lose my mind seems to be fair game in my house. 

In writing, our characters can come into similar situations. It is good to note feelings and anxiety in your own life and to be able to transfer them to your characters. So I need a character with a cat that plays hide and go seek like a method actor.

And, I wonder where she learned it from?

Have a great and wonderful day.

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