Monday, April 11, 2022

The Creative Mind in a World Gone Mad: How do We Take Back Our Imaginations?

Once I thought that the human imagination was boundless and beautiful overflowing with hope, in the years since, I have discovered that some of our mind's have ventured from the possible, probable, and poetic into a landscape of fear and dread. 

The creative mind's "what if" moment of variability had been intersected. When an elite few realized that their dystopian future would shrink the quantum possibilities into one narrow passage, a new era of manipulation began. Humans don't have informed consent; we have manufactured consent. 

The most steered aspects of our society have been the sciences and the arts. That cross-section of our culture has been handicapped, and our development stunted by this destructive agenda. Imagination? Creativity? ...where? 

Anyone can observe the unimaginative movies, predetermined book publications, and repetitive musical interludes. As a child of the 1980's, I am bored with this curated selection of negative, trash-filled redundancy.

In the past decade, I have become concerned by the lack of original thought in our society. Instead, I perceive a propagandist's point of view influencing us. Yes, even in the arts and sciences is this negative agenda pushing forward. Should I name the offenses, or, can you decipher these issues for yourself?

As an artist, poet, and writer, what should I make of this forced slant stepping on our abilities, skills, and lifestyles? Why am I not allowed to embrace my creative side and ask the questions that beg: What if? The moment that my imagination takes flight into the uncharted territories of the cosmos, I must censor myself. I must refrain from my innate calling as a creative spirit. 

Only when an agenda is corrupt and harmful must all other competition to it be silenced. No questions. No free-thought. No imagination. 

Why? Why do a few believe that they outweigh the many? What happened to the imagination? 

Here at Undawnted, imagination is fearless and will ask questions of the cultural captains: what happened that would allow you to believe you are more important in my creative life than I am? Why would you believe you are better than the rest of us? Why must we believe what you believe? Why must I attend, pray, and be a disciple at your church?

Are those not fair questions to ask? I feel that this elite mindset is of: do as you are told. Period. Another form of corporate toxicity demands more from me than it gives in return. 

That leads into: why is there a conservatorship being placed on the creative world? When did I sign that legal contract? Is it in the vague Terms of Service of the services you don't provide anymore when you turned your back on freedom of speech? Because I certainly have not been evaluated in a court of law as incompetent to stand trial.  

Why can I not tell people to research the findings of Dr. Naomi Wolf (Ph.D.), Dr. Robert Malone (M.D. and inventor of the MRNA technology), Dr. Peter McCullough (M.D.), VAERS reporting, or even Edward Dowd? Is the establishment afraid of real data?

When someone in a position of leadership be it government, corporate, education, or think tank does everything in his or her power to stifle creativity, shut down dissent, and make you censor yourself, then how can our culture have imagination? 

One way. One mind... sounds more like the Borg to me, than a democracy. 

When it comes down to it, we aren't being respected as adults. So if you are wondering why I speak out, this factor is high on the list. Are these governments, corporations, institutions, or think tanks respecting you if you have to censor yourself in order to appease their short-sided agenda? 

What is the Agenda? The World Economic Forums' Great Reset that plunges the world into an economic depression? Do we really want that nonsense? I for one did not elect Klaus Schwab into office. Did you?

So, creative community of artists, writers, filmmakers, and musicians, do you need someone to make your decisions for you? Or, are you a capable, cogent adult that abides by the laws of the United States? 

Because "creative" does not have the word: we, in it; but the letters do spell: I. As well, "imagination" does not have the word: we, in it; but the letters do spell: I. Those words embody the artful presence of individuality. The arts cannot and should not be dictated by a collective. That is why imagination is fearless because this journey is for the courageous individual. 

Then why are we doing this? So, find your courage, individuate, and start asking questions. 

Creative courage is contagious!

Have a great and insightful day. 

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