Monday, February 11, 2019

Desert Mesquite

Desert Mesquite
Undawnted (c)DL Mullan 2019

The sweet essence of the desert wafts through the air
as winter skies darken and chimneys smoke.
The evening's chill keeps us bundled
in front of roaring fires. Warm. Content.
A buttery smell heightens our senses with hints
of butterscotch, brown sugar, and flowery honey.
Mesquite blooms in the air, but not as tree blossoms.
The embers explode with flavors only our minds can consume.
With each breath, we feel winter slide inside us as this caramel swirl 

of velvety licorice liquor.
The desert's dessert of smoldering candy paired with the frigid enclave hits notes of deep culinary progressions until morning comes and the day erases our aromatic fantasy.

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