Monday, February 11, 2019

It's Still Rock'n'Roll to Me

In the article, Grammy Ratings Steady With 2018 In Early Results For Music’s Biggest Night, Deadline again chronicles the unpopularity of the music industry.

Big wigs sit in offices and have new artists sign their lives away for fame and fortune, but the industry is out of touch. Rap. Social Justice. Politics. Over-sexualization. Repetitive beats and words that just go nowhere. Much like the music industry has.

So I get out my 45's, 33's and maybe a 78 or two. Just kidding. I have compact discs.

My technology is up-to-date, but my taste in music has not changed. I like a variety of music from big band, jazz, 60's, 70's, 80's and some 90's. From opera to Broadway musicals, classical overtures to hair bands. My music repertoire is as dynamic and eclectic as I am.

In high school, rock'n'roll was all the rage. I was not into mosh pits or mohawks; I liked fun rock songs and ballads. The hard rock and metal music were just beyond my taste. When grunge and rap took over the airwaves, I pretty much bought the compact discs from the decades past and turned off the radio.

Isn't that the issue with the music industry?

A whole bunch of no name suits have tried to change the way we feel. These faceless creatures would like us to be whores, gang bangers, and low life thugs. Aren't those the images they sell us at the Grammy's and on the music shelves?

I want my Rock'n'Roll. Not scuzzy, disreputable crap, but real honest fun loving rock music that has meaning and value.

Give me guitars, drums, and bass any day of the week. I am tired of "sampling" and nonsense word play. I do not want to sing lyrics of a spell casting drudgery to make somebody money.

I want the dream of harmony and chords. I want to feel life and love and loss. I want to feel the music.

Instead humanity is offered a marketing image with no substance.

Where is me reflected in the music today? I haven't found me and by the looks of the downward spiral of profits and viewership, most people do not see themselves reflected in the industry that is supposed to sell them that reflection.

Have a great and wonderful day. 

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