Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paying It Forward

Every once and awhile, we come across a creative and generous soul that is selfless, honorable, and compassionate.

Too often in our current time, we find ourselves surrounded by people of faith and wealth that are neither solvent in their hearts as they are not faithful to their commitment of their own religion. We see these individuals on television telling us what is wrong with the world, who is the convenient scapegoat. These morality imposters cry foul as they take more than we can give and still want more when we are broken.

Common ideas are not what makes her tick. She takes action where others fail humanity. For she follows her own compass: true north to where the soul hides its deepest, darkest horrors, yet she does not falter in the face of challenges. She embraces human fragility and seeks to uplift it. Not many individuals can withstand seeing the earth shattering banality of what humans are capable of doing to one another and remain steadfast in their dreams to correct such negativity.

But, she does.

This illustrates a true spiritual warrior. It is beyond the simple foolishness of faith. It is beyond the idle temptations of corruptions like money, power, or influence. For these depravities are child’s play to someone who understands the working of the inner universe, the inner sanctum of humanity, she is above them.

Yet, she has been called upon to shoulder a huge burden in addition to her endless service: cancer. Sometimes a spirit warrior takes on the ills of the physical world wholeheartedly as part of their soul contract. This symptom is what is cured in others by her courageous heart.

Cancer has manifested in her body in order to keep the darkness from seeping back into the human collective consciousness. In her illness, she again spares us.

Everyone who has come into contact with her knows her true spirit: it is breathtaking. I am honored and humbled just by knowing a person like her exists, but to know her in person can make this writer go speechless.

I think it’s time the currency of faith, hearts, and souls should manifest to take that which she has cured in all of us and we should cure in her. In our act of gratitude, we will not only save her, we save ourselves.

She cannot do conventional cancer treatment for HER2 does not respond to chemotherapy or other conventional protocols. She must use specialized medical care that costs a lot of money and is not covered by any insurance company.

If you could repay this spirit warrior for her service and dedication to humanity with anything that you can spare, please donate to the MJ Christian fund:

Let’s appreciate this spirit warrior while she is still here to receive our gratitude.

Thank you.

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