Friday, December 31, 2021

The End... Poems No Longer Available on My Poetry Forum, but a New Year of Authenticity Begins!

In the post: On My Poetry Forum Poems to be Retired for 2022, a list of eight poems that were ready for their time in a computer folder was announced. Now that time has come. These poems have been removed from public view:

  • Moon over Aphrodite
  • 9.12.01
  • Upon Reading Edgar Allan Poe
  • Step on All of Us
  • You
  • Desert Mesquite
  • Vanished  
  • Eggnog Dreams

More poems will be offered in the coming year. Choose your favorites wisely, as they too will be weighed and measured at the end of 2022. 

And watch for more poems to be uploaded to our account on Poem Hunter

If you would like to read and hear one of DL Mullan's poems, then please don't miss: Asymptote, available now.


As an added bonus, DL Mullan will be on Sonoran Dawn Studios' Happy New Year 2022: Stayin' Alive Party on Facebook.


Begins at 10pm AZ Time


Have a great and safe New Year's Eve.