Thursday, March 17, 2022

The Scifi, Fantasy Poem Galactic Ride is Published and Now Available on Lulu

Galactic Ride is published on Celtic Heritage Day, no less. It is time to celebrate! 

I would like to thank my fellow poets on My Poetry Forum for helping me with ideas and revisions to take a short form poem and create an epic science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural Long Form poem out of it.

This poem is quite the accomplishment. I hope everyone who reads its 99 lines will appreciate the subtle motifs and great rhyme scheme. 

Genre poetry is in an arena all by itself.  You do not have to be a fan of science fiction, fantasy, or the supernatural to enjoy this piece. These readers were surprised:

"Awesome... just can't say enough about your poem." 

"A Sci-Fi/Fantasy poem. Unusual, to me anyway, and an interesting change of pace..."  
"...reminded me of the psychedelic era." 

To learn more about Galactic Ride, please visit its dedicate page here on Undawnted.

Thank you for the support. 

Have a great and wonderful day.


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