Monday, May 10, 2021

Stayin' Alive, All By Myself... I am on a Roll to Better Outcomes

I know. I have been gone awhile, but I have been doing what I needed to do. 

After four years of being told that I could not get a refinance loan or any type of loan, not because of bad credit, but because I had already financed my property at the lowest available rate. The banks would not refinance if I could not get a lower rate by at least one percentage point. 

I was stuck. I had already received air conditioning finance estimates starting at $150 a month for four years. On a fixed income, that was not doable. 

So I had tried three or four times over the duration, but not through covid, to raise the $7500 that I had been quoted for a new system. I live in Arizona. Central air is about survival, not luxury. A handful of friends flocked to my banner, but the amount raised ($350ish) was nowhere near enough to purchase a unit. 

The art and writing communities at large never bothered once. That was disheartening from my point of view. For communities that push love, light, and inclusion for everyone... I was very much excluded. Sounds like that ideology is just an excuse to be prejudiced against people they do not agree with. 

I disagree with many people, but have never left someone to die. I help where I can and I have helped a lot. Far more than many people who claim to be inclusive. 

Even though certain communities have disappointed me, at least I know I still have friends and a shit load of good luck... see, when you are a good person, you get that type of help from the universe. 

Annual percentage rates lowered and my excellent credit afforded me a great refinance package, which led to a new and top of the line air conditioner for an excellent price. After nearly five years of constant worry, I am safe and cool. I will finally have a heater in the winter time too. That means I will be able to write my novels again. 

I am so happy. 

The universe rewards good deeds and people. While most of you were stuck in your homes during covid... now you know how I live and feel being this sick... I was protecting all of you from hunger and homelessness. 

So don't let newly elected politicians tell you that the $1400 was because of them; it was because of me. Just so you know. People take credit for my deeds when they had nothing to do with my work. 

I have a few items to do yet, but I will be actively writing poetry and novels this summer. I will be posting more writing exercises too. Although, I will not be updating my Facebook accounts because that social media conglomerate does not believe in factual information that I have provided to my friend's list for over ten years. I am now locked out of my personal and professional accounts, but don't you worry, I always land on my feet. 

Life is good now. 

I am still going to tell the truth and change the world for the better. That is coming. The wheels are already in motion by good people all over the world. Some people will not accept or like the change, but that is not my problem. I only solve them. 

Speaking of solutions: nothing can stop what is coming. 

I made a plan and I am sticking to it. You may just like what I am about to do. Who knows, you may just want to get in on the action yourself. 

More information in the coming weeks. Watch for news coming out of Sonoran Dawn Studios

Watch for my new books and cover designs. 

I am Stayin' Alive, All By Myself as the songs go: I am on a roll. 

Have a great and wonderful day. 




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