Wednesday, December 23, 2020

December 23rd: Today is the Last, Last Day of Your... Death?

You are living mythology and you don't even know you are doing it. 

Religions of the past and their current manifestations tell of a man born of a virgin who died and was resurrected.  

Mythology is why solstices are a little more exciting than equinoxes. Solstices are like we hit the edge (Earth's wobble) and at the last possible second, we are saved by someone yanking on our shirt collar.

The mythical aspects of this time of year, winter, is special too. Humans are connected to our Earth cycles from biology to religion. We are now in our death cycle. We will be in the winter season for 88 days and then spring will resurrect us.

For the mythology and literary aspects, December 21 of Winter Solstice is our annual death day. As religion mimics the natural cycles, the sun stays nearly unchanged in the sky for the next three days. That means December 22th, 23rd, 24th are our mythological death. We are Persephone. 

So on December 25th, the sun in the sky begins to move upward once again. That is how the ancient people knew that the Earth cycle was now on its way back to spring time, thus the resurrection. In a few days, everyone on Earth will be resurrected as was the sun gods of ole.

You are living mythology. You are living your death and will be resurrected. So how does it feel to be a sun god? 

Isn't mythology grand? 


Now how can you use mythology in your writing (literature)?

Hint: research Dionysus, Persephone, Osiris, Odin, Ganesha, Lemminkainen, Tammuz, Krishna, Quetzalcoatl, Attis...

Then how can you use these gods' qualities in your character(s)? plot? 

Have a great and wonderful day. 

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