Monday, February 4, 2019

Merlin was Discovered Recently in a Library

Really? Merlin has been wandering the library all this time?

Well, sort of. Several hand-written fragments were found in the University of Bristol's special collections. Many recognizable names were seen in the written pages. As an added bonus, the texts were from South Wales, where the legend is said to have been born:
"These fragments of the story of Merlin are a wonderfully exciting find, which may have implications for the study not just of this text but also of other related and later texts that have shaped our modern understanding of the Arthurian legend," said Dr Tether.

The books in which the fragments were found were all printed in Strasbourg between 1494 and 1502.
Could there be a retelling or additional theatrical editions to the Arthurian Legend coming to a move theater near you soon?

"Time and research will reveal what further secrets about the legends of Arthur, Merlin and the Holy Grail these fragments might hold."
Then Undawnted can add another myth to her repertoire.

Read the full article here: Middle Ages Merlin manuscript found in Bristol University library.

 Have a great and wonderful day.

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