Sunday, February 3, 2019

Microfiction: Reality to Creative Inspiration

Ever have a situation that comes up and you would believe it would make a good story? Last night, that very situation happened to me. I took the incident and turned it into a piece of microfiction, Midnight Run:
pop, pop, pop... goes the 45 caliber gun fired into the dead of the night. 1248am and silence becomes a ruckus of sound as a police helicopter zooms over my house like a dragon. each breath of the mammoth machine vibrates my house and sucks in my roof shingles. until the beast passes into the west and my house folds in on itself again. then silence emerges from the chaos. no more pursuit as the criminals are subdued by the dragon's keepers in flack jackets.
Everyday writers can use common place events to explore the world of writing. 

This incident gave me the opportunity to do a small writing exercise. 

What happens in your life that could become a creative outlet for you? 

Have a great and wonderful day.  

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