Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Writing about Controversy sends Stats Up

I should bitch out foreign governments on my blog more. 

It was fun to watch my reaction to being told I was responsible for an EU law make my stats soar to new heights. Did I hit a nerve? Or do more people want to hear the truth?

Art, writing, creativity in general are supposed to reflect humanity back onto itself. So we can see other people's perspectives and walk in their shoes. Tonight, I decided to take a stand against a law that has nothing to do with me. 

If someone comes to my blog, that is their choice. If blogger or other third parties have applications or wares that can be used with their sites/blogs, well those are people's freedom of choice to have them or not. I have software to tell me if a site is not safe but I can go if I choose to do so. 

Same thing with my blog. If you choose to come here and read, great. Thank you very much for your patronage. If not, well perhaps next time.

But to make a blogger list about cookies, it's bullshit. 

My computer, my internet connection... my responsibility if I go here or there. Next webmasters will have to list their underwear sizes and that is just unseemly. Keep it to yourselves, folks.

So that is why I had the reaction I did earlier. It is NOT my responsibility to tell you everything about my blog. It is the surfer's responsibility to make intelligent, educated choices. 

I use software to keep me safe. EU, why don't you? 

I guess it is time to resurrect Radio Active Dawn. Full of opinions and cuss words about the abysmal governance of unelected/elected politicians. 

Have a great and wonderful night!

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