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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Comet Watchers, Lovejoy is Making an Appearance This Week

I was out last night for a moment. 

The night was cold in the desert but the sky was brilliant. The stars were shining above me. Orion glided onto the scene taking up most of the arena. Off to the north and west was Jupiter following the gallant hunter.

Tonight when I get my optical fix, I will be taking my binoculars with me. Comet Lovejoy should be passing near Orion's belt.

Here is the article with the information link: Comet Lovejoy Closest This Week.  

I hope everyone enjoys finding this tailless comet as much as I will.

Have a great and wonderful evening! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Up in the Sky, It's the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter!

The universe is beautiful.

Look up to see the Moon setting with Jupiter and Mars coming overhead. It is magnificent. I love it.

I just wish my hands were more steady so I could take better photos. I used to be good at stills like that. Now with the neurological damage, not so much.

But the eclipse set for next week, I am going to get out my telescope, binoculars, and an old tripod. I better get some good photos of the moon, stars and planets then!

I love astronomy. When I look up and see the solar system, it makes me feel that I belong to something bigger than myself. It makes me feel complete.

Then the worries and angst wash away.

How can one stay stressed out looking at creation?

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