Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Authenticity in a Inauthentic World: Are you a Giver? Because this American Needs Your Support

It's a dilemma. 

Are you a real authentic person, or are you a product of your environment?  

I started this journey quite a few years ago. Who am I? What made me stand out from the crowd? 

I did not know for sure what made me an authentic person until I became in need and had to create a fundraiser. Oh, who are we kidding... I have created four for the same issue in the last three and a half or so years. Obviously there was no fundraisers during lockdowns, but now the world is opening up again, and I must once again take this journey. 

You would think a disabled person with a life-threatening circumstance would get funded without hesitation. Not so. For the religious nation the United States is supposed to be by all accounts by some political individuals, I have about ten good friends who have helped me out in the last ten years, but they have done their duty. I am very grateful for them everyday. 

Unfortunately, I cannot say that about most people in the public I run into when doing a fundraiser. That is so sad. Sad, but true. 

You would think that asking for $20 was a life-threatening episode to other people in and of itself the way some people carry on. For some reason, I find it hilarious.. and okay, somewhat offensive. 

Why because these people are trying to hitch onto my accomplishments. I have done the work: thwarting con artists and scammers. I have shown politicians for what they are. I have gotten information into the right hands. I have challenged the status quo... I have been in the background helping everyone out, so I know who has been naughty and who has been nice. 

So when someone states: I am X or Y or Z... I'm like: yeah, this is going to be fun. 

There are too many people in our society trying to take credit for doing absolutely nothing positive. Why haven't you helped your neighbor when they have asked? Why are you offended about putting $20 into my fundraiser? Where is the hatred for your fellow American stemming from?

I never read that in any good book. 

So what is this seething absolutism and elitism coming from? I get this negative behavior from the right and the left. I am stuck in the middle. As a middle child, you would think I would be used to this crap by now, but no... 

So what do you think? Will I be able to find 375 good souls to contribute $20 before May?

Do you think it is possible that I could bridge the gap and find common decency, love for your fellow community member, in this climate of elitist hate? 

It is possible for me to reach my fundraiser goals, but only with your help.

Here is my fundraiser: There Is No Place Like Home... So Save Hers.

Go ahead. Surprise me with your positive action. Share and Donate today!

Have a great and wonderful day. I know I will be knowing good people are out there helping me on my behalf. 

Thank you so very, very much!



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