Monday, March 9, 2020

Plans in the Works for Lectures, Poetry, and Writing Workshops

Do you need a new writing challenge? Or, do you just want to learn about different facets of human culture to enhance your writing skills?

Undawnted is the place for you this year. 2020 is go time. Take your writing to the next level with my Special Engagements writer's series:
  • Writer's Workshops
  • Onomatopoetry 
  • Lectures for Writer's Workshops
Lectures, poetry, and creative writing come to life with these various workshops. 

Each quarter as part of my Seasonal Reads program, there will be enough reading, writing, and application of knowledge for a 10-week mini-course.

In the coming years, more will be added until the workshops become their own mini-certificate programs. 

More reveals coming soon... 

Happy Celtic Heritage Month!


Please note: our poetry and prose writer's workshops have been moved to our Substack newsletter offerings:

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Our writing program has monthly projects with a certificate for participants at year's end. Projects like: the Hint of the Divine, in which participants learn the archetypes found in human culture, and storytelling. 
Bring depth to your writing.  

Learn. Grow. Master... with Undawnted.

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