Friday, October 20, 2023

Being Mangled is Just the Beginning of the Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetic Discourse

Thank you to Joseph Carrabis for publishing my article: Being Mangled is Just the Beginning on his blog for the Midnight Roost horror anthology.

Mangled is a sci-fi, horror short story about life, death, and technology, but more importantly, it is a story about Sarah Mitchell, a Specialist in the armed forces:

The only survivor of a roadside bomb, Specialist Sarah Mitchell lives most people's nightmare. Her entire squad is killed. In the bustle of a busy emergency triage center, she is forgotten.

When she survives until morning, others come to claim her. One by the use of technology and the other by energetic consciousness, but both manipulate the quantum singularity. In an experiment to merge human consciousness with machine, which will consume Sarah, what will she do? 

Will she continue to serve her country in another capacity? Or, will she choose the unknown and walk into eternity with a complete stranger?

No matter what Sarah decides: living forever has its consequences. 

This short story is an important dialogue starter about the potential harnessing of human consciousness into cybernetic technologies. 

If you would like to read the article, visit Joseph Carrabis' site: Being Mangled is Just the Beginning


From the author of the cutting-edge science fiction classic, The Reality Hackers, DL Mullan has brought readers a new type of horror: eternal slavery through technology. 

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