Tuesday, May 23, 2023

The Official Release Date for The Reality Hackers' Novelette

May 23. 2023 is a great day. 

The Reality Hackers short story in Visions anthology received praise. With the extended version, the novelette is sure to be another crowd pleaser. 

"'The Reality Hackers' sounds truly frightening!" 

"Definitely thought-provoking."  

"[DL Mullan]’s story sounds frightening...! I enjoyed learning about its inspiration. Scary and weird facts mixed in there."

"This story struck me as being very scary cutting edge science fiction, the kind that makes one ponder the 'what ifs'. I'm sure readers will enjoy it immensely."

To celebrate this release, A Novelist Idea is having a party! With music, videos, author interactions, and contests, Become the Characters: The Reality Hackers Novelette Release Party is a great way to spend the evening.


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