Monday, February 20, 2023

Mangled is being Edited for a Horror Anthology

Mangled is a short story that will be submitted for an anthology set to be released in Autumn 2023. I am currently editing the project based on a few actual events, technology, medicine, and warfare. The narrative is a science fiction, paranormal horror story. 

Have you ever heard of a morgue's black toe tag? Pray that one is never issued to you.

Here is the synopsis: 

The only survivor of a roadside bomb, Specialist Sarah Mitchell lives most people's nightmare. Her entire squad is killed. In the bustle of a busy emergency triage center, she is forgotten. 
Worse than being ignored, once she is reevaluated, she is then abandoned by the medical personnel. In order to take care of other soldiers who might live, she is given a black morgue tag, left tied down on a gurney where she waits for death in a dark corner of a foreign hospital.

When she survives until morning, others come to claim her. One by the use of technology and the other by energetic consciousness, but both manipulate the quantum singularity. In an experiment to merge human consciousness with machine, which will consume Sarah, what will she do? 

Will she continue to serve her country in another capacity? Or, will she choose the unknown and walk into eternity with a complete stranger?

No matter what Sarah decides: living forever has its consequences.
For more information and upcoming news, be sure to visit Mangled here on Undawnted

This story is a part of Undawnted's Exclusive Legacy Universe. The short story version will be released in the anthology. The novelette will be dropped in spring 2024. 

Have a great and wonderful day!

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