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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Poetry in Review on My Poetry Forum for an End of the Year Culling

I have 18 poetry selections on My Poetry Forum

At the end of the year, 5 poems will be removed to make way for other ones in the works. Which poems will get the axe? I have some in mind. Low rated or under reviewed poems are on the top of my list. 

And, I'm checking it twice! 

I publish poems to see what my audience likes and dislikes. That helps me hone my craft. Was the poem unclear? Did it lack energy? Charisma? 

Don't worry, I have many more poems to take their places. 

But if you enjoyed a poem and feel that it is in jeopardy of being taken down, then you have the power to keep that poem in circulation. Go on to My Poetry Forum, sign up for a free and anonymous account, then give a great review and/or nominate that poem

The more you, the audience, interact; the more I can give you of what you want: fearless creativity. 

Creative courage is contagious! 

I have shown you mine, now show me yours.

Have a great and wonderful day.