Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Onomatopoetry Workshop Added to Winter Frost: Haiku and its Variations

Want to learn how to write a Haiku? 

Here is your chance. You can write a traditional version or a variation on the old. It's your choice. 

Most writers know that Haikus are a 5-7-5 syllable stanza of three verses (17 syllables altogether) is the English language equivalent to this Japanese art form.Yet, most do not know there are rules to writing a traditional Haiku poem. 

Learn that form as well as more innovative ones on our Onomatopoetry: Haiku Workshop page

Haiku is a great way to express yourself in a minimalistic way. In case you are wondering, yes, you can:

3 Little Words


Sorry, beat you to it!

If you would like to learn more poetic forms, then visit Undawnted's Special Engagements: Onomatopoetry Workshops' page


Have a great and wonderful day. 

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