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Sunday, December 19, 2021

On Poem Hunter for Review: Asymptote

Undawnted's DL Mullan will publish her shorter albeit structured poetry on Poem Hunter, especially those poems used in her Special Engagement's Workshop series called Onomatopoetry

First up, Asymptote the science based poem. A workshop in the seasonal reads: Autumn Cider Genre Theater Workshop will be linked to this article to showcase how science and the poetic arts can be combined for an interesting prospective about the nature of our universe.   

So please, bookmark this new endeavor: DL Mullan's Poem Hunter page for quotes for wisdom and insight as well as her workshop poems. 

And take a moment to leave a comment, rating, and review. 

Ms. Mullan loves to hear from her readership. 


Have a great and rhyme-filled day.