Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Theater for Writers: The River

Writing comes from the place inside each person that drives us to express ourselves, from an innate source: emotion. Our spirit calls to our consciousness to convey the stories of our culture and ourselves. We must anchor our writing on authenticity by tapping into our inner core values.

Stories come in various forms. Some are written as literary novels. Others are paired together with song and dance. Theater performances are still the same storytelling skills as in formal writing, but opens up our experience with the full range of the five senses.

For Undawnted's Autumn Cider Seasonal Reads program, The River (Russian/Diana Ankudinova RECHENKA) has been added to the Theater for Writers discussion in the Special Engagements section of the site. 

Enjoy the workshop, The River is here. 

This form of high art is a special treat for anyone who consumes multilevel theatrical performances.  


Workshops are now infused into our newsletters. A Novelist Idea has monthly projects to continue where the pandemic/COVID workshops left off. 

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Team Undawnted