Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Are Any of My Readers Under Quarantine?

I know that the Wuhan Coronavirus has shut down areas of the world. 

So some people may only have online websites for entertainment and human contact. If would like me to entertain you with daily postings, you can let me know via my Facebook page, by Liking or commenting on this article's post... or just have all your online friends jack up my stats and I will get the message.

My hard drive died and I lost three nearly complete novels. I am going to start from the beginning and write them all over again. I cannot guarantee senility as I rewrite scenes, but you can at least follow my writings like a weird soap opera. 

If you are game, then so am I. 

I am disabled by illness so self quarantine is a daily occurrence for me and has been since 2007. Good thing, I am an introvert who loves cats, or this situation could have gone wrong years ago. Even with brain inflammation, I am still sane.

Crazy to boot, but sane nonetheless. 

Who's up for a good story? 300 to 2000 words a day? I may even ask for audience participation... you never know.

Let me know. I'll keep you entertained so you don't have to worry so much. Believe me, I understand.