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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Against the Grain, I'm a Wrtier, the Universe Says So

Writing is a great creative outlet. So is doing my own book cover designs. I get the whole ambience and a sense of accomplishment. 

With everything going on and technology failures taking most of my creative originals into the creepy deep, I thought it was time just to do something else. I should have known I was not going to get off that easy. 

So I do this angel card reading with an intuitive. I patronize as many locals as I can and give props to people who help me. I am on Facebook Live with Bob the Psychic one morning and he gives me the news I dread to hear... Robert Jerome does these freebies on Tuesdays when he has a chance and I put in my name on the list to see if the universe has a message for me or not.

After I had already put my feet up and started binge watching shows because I retired myself from creative writing and design, I get this reading that I have gotten off my path about the time I gave it all up. Really? Now you tell me? I have been wondering for quite awhile what I should be doing with myself. 

I know I have many stories to tell and characters keep me company on days I am unable to expend energy to get out of bed, but now my little endeavor has been noticed by the omnipotent universe. 

Pop quiz, hot shot... you thought that writing would build a community you could enjoy but found out many writers are in political and social cliques while others just don't care and the rest like yourself dangle in the wind wondering where this camaraderie could be... what do you do? What... do you do?

Some of us thought that we should give the writing community a good try and if that try went nowhere then this meant that that avenue was not our path. WRONG.

The universe has decided as for now Undawnted is my place of creative writing residence. 

Against the grain, I am going to stick to it. I still have stories to write. The universe seems to be amused with that. 

It seems to be the only one.

Have a great and wonderful day! 

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

A New Life; A New Path

I love my Rune set.

Runes are a great way to figure out where you are on your spiritual journey. I started this blog/website to begin anew. That is what the Runes told me. 

I am to begin a new path.

That is what I like about spiritual divination. I'm not looking for winning lottery numbers, even though that would be nice; I'm seeking knowledge. Knowledge of myself, my path, and the universe.

The Rune I pulled is of completion. My old life, old ways of doing things have come to an end. That is why I have a few projects to do as my priority. Books I need to edit and send out into the publishing world, personal business, and medical issues.

All have culminated into the now.

But I also must ground myself and meditate. Free from external and negative influences, I will prevail.

Positive energy, humor are my guides now. I wonder if the universe means I should watch more Jeff Dunham or Lewis Black? Hmm...

Have a great and wonderful day!

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