United: Setting the World on Fire

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The best is yet to come. Freedom is contagious.

"...the way in which you crafted this- the writing, the wordplay and style, the unique and wonderful rhymes- all of that is what makes the poem awesome!"

"this verse says so much..... well done."

Make Poetry Great Again.


The Contents include:

Hate Speech
White Rabbit
World on Fire
Trump Card
Step on All of Us
Trust the Plan
Enjoy the Show
It had to be this way
Darkness to Light
All for One
Game Theory
In the End - We Win

Download United (PDF)

Original publishing date:TBA

*Features Nominated poem: Incorporated.


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Critical Acclaim from Readers:


"The political commentary here is spot- on.."

"this verse says so much..... "we have been kneeling most of our lives... working two jobs just to live a basic life. is this really worth our rights? living in this dystopian paradise-" well done..." 

"Sounds like a lot of political shenanigans to me and I am apolitical on the whole so I think I am with you....whether or not I know what you're talking about, I'll make a banner."

Step on All of Us
"Solid delivery. I like some things about society. I like you all! Hehehe. I like your poem as well."

"...It’s hard these days but, yes, shut off the noise. Thanks for the reminder."

"This poem reminds me that human beings are strange beasts. Differences in opinions, ideas, politics, religious interpretations etc can cause chaos and divisiveness among us. Great poem" 

"it's becoming intolerable...the lies we are fed get more obvious and yet I see so many turn a blind eye. it's scary."

"the poem itself is well done."