Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Ancient Nautical Folklore is at the Heart of The Jonah Collector

Remember Jonah from the Bible? Jonah in the New Testament was sent on a mission by his god, but he is hesitant. As a result, Jonah was swallowed by a large whale (sea creature), but then spat out. After his journey into the belly of the beast (Hero's Journey), he returned to his original calling, to deliver god's judgement to an ancient city.

This narrative correlates to the Hero's Journey. When the hero entered the unknown world, he was undergoing a transformation from who he was to who he will be. He is tested. Once he was victorious over his foe, or circumstances, the hero could bring the life-saving elixir to the world.

Over time, the symbol of Jonah morphed into meaning the weakest link and bad luck to a sailing crew. This switch to a dark definition of Jonah was emphasized on the paranormal show, The Holzer Files: Phantom Crew of Season 1, Episode 5. 

The team investigates the ghost ship USS Constellation and tries to find the source of its endless spirit sightings over the centuries. They may have gotten more than they bargained for when one investigator realises he's been bitten out of nowhere.
Here's a snippet of that case:

The paranormal team soon learned that the entire non-living crew targets a living person as a weak person to be labeled their Jonah. That gave the ghosts the right to push anyone off the USS Constellation as they so choose.

The Jonah Collector is much more than literary, lyrical prose, but a chance to see the real life drama of sailors in an easily digestible form. Instead of using an evil captain and crew, this paranormal-nautical story surrounds a dark mermaid, who collects the souls of sailors, namely Jonahs. The rhyme scheme of the prose pieces adds intensity to the drama.


About The Jonah Collector

In this epic tale, we discover that in his youth, Captain Christopher Houston was once a Jonah. The weakest link on a ship endangers the entire crew. As such, he was tossed into the Locker, then saved by a mermaid. She wants revenge on him for annulling the contract. She went after his son. Now, Houston has a choice: save his son or himself. Will he be the next victim of The Jonah Collector?

Life is tough when you are the weakest link.

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