Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Onomatopoetry: Poetry Potpourri, Undawnted is Expanding Our Selections

Undawnted's menu on the right has added another poetry site: Poem Hunter. 

Along with My Poetry Forum, Poem Hunter has the interactive qualities Undawnted looks for in creative writing sites. In this instance, Poem Hunter will house shorter poems, free verse to structured forms. 

Two poems are already listed on Poem Hunter: Silence and Asymptote. Asymptote is a free verse poem about scientific principles of lines and optics. Silence is a structured piece, the form called a Cinquain. 

My Poetry Forum currently has eleven poems for public perusal.

Rate, review the poems. Each site is free to join. Undawnted enjoys hearing from the audience.

If you would like to learn more about DL Mullan's writing and workshops, please visit our Onomatopoetry Workshop page. There you will find how to write a Cinquain of your very own. You can even delve in two Cinquain Variations, Ms. Mullan originated. 

If you have other sites, Undawnted should consider, please let us know by commenting on our Social Media sites where this article is linked up. Or, use our Contact Form.

We appreciate our audience and strive to create a world where the audience has an interactive role in the creative expressions of Undawnted. 

Have a great and wonderful day.