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WordCrafter Lingering Spirit Whispers Paranormal Anthology Set Blog Tour: Undawnted Interviews Stevie Turner

About the Anthology Set

Lingering Spirit Whispers Paranormal Anthology Set, which is released today, December 1st, 2021 from WordCrafter and is available for purchase. 

This anthology set is a bundle including Whispers of the Past, Spirits of the West, and Where Spirits Linger. All three anthologies combined into one convenient paranormal set for lovers of ghost stories.

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Author Interview: Stevie Turner      
Contributor to two anthologies with two stories: "Partners in Time" (Whispers of the Past), "David's Revenge" (Where Spirits Linger).

What is it about the genres you write that create a world inside your mind ripe for storytelling? Do you have a favorite genre for which your narratives are born?

I’ve always been fascinated by the occult from a young age, and paranormal stories are my absolute favourite to write. I experienced ghostly occurrences as a child, and I’ve had help from the spirit world when I have been in desperate need of it. By writing spooky stories I can use my past experiences and also use my imagination a little bit more than usual (I also write ‘faction’ – fiction based on fact).

As a novelist, how do you construct your plotlines? Do you develop your stories through an outline, or do the characters form your fictional world view? How do you contend with the character voices versus how you see the beginning, middle, and end of your stories?

I have no plot at all in my head when I write. I have no idea what the ending will be until I get there. I’m an absolute ‘pantster’ who loves writing this way, and hates the thought that somebody might need me to work to a rigid outline. I also do not like writing to a deadline, and prefer just to write when I feel like it.

As a writer, how to do write fiction versus nonfiction? Do you approach these two types of writing differently? If so, how does fiction and nonfiction use your skill set dissimilarly? If not, how do they work with your vision of writing the same?

With fiction I can stretch the boundaries and make it all up as I go along. With non-fiction I would need to write from personal experience or do meticulous research. I write fiction under my pseudonym of Stevie Turner, and non-fiction under my real name. My family and friends know my non-fiction books, and bloggers and readers know my works of fiction. I have two different heads and like to keep it that way.

If you could write a novel outside of your comfort zone, what would you endeavor to write? What characters do you have in mind? What genre would you dare to initiate?

I am quite happy in my comfort zone of Women’s Fiction (family dramas), Humor, Paranormal, and Romantic Suspense. I did try to write a fantasy story once, but it was complete rubbish. I don’t really want to write in any other genres apart from the ones I already write in.


Thank you, Stevie Turner for your wonderful insight about the creative writing process. If you would like to know more about Ms. Turner, please see her biography and links below: 

Author Bio

Stevie Turner is a British author of suspense, paranormal, women's fiction family dramas and darkly humorous novels, and likes to find subjects to write about that are not often covered. Stevie is married and lives in the wilds of East Anglia, England, and enjoys cycling about the countryside when she is not busy writing.

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