Friday, February 9, 2018

The Entertainment Industry's Late Night Shows are Ignorant Dribble

This Variety article highlights the reasons I do not watch late night talk shows anymore. Americans who are educated in their history and politics understand how wrong, disrespectful, and ignorant sounding these hosts, comedians, and entertainers are. Isn't it time for the positive America to make a comeback?

Instead of working for a negative political agenda called Globalism where everyone gets smashed down by elitists' boots under a communistic/socialistic burden, perhaps we can return to the American founding documents and save the ideals that make America different from every other nation in the world. The media, including the entertainment industry, rather play the victim when in fact the media is victimizing an entire way of life.

Is freedom so wrong? People flock to the United States to flee communism, socialism, and tyranny. Yet the media promotes American values like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as ugly shades of gray. A place where only white male privilege creates inspiration, creativity, and motility. 

I hate to break another myth to you, dear Entertainment Industry, but not all of us doers are from that privileged class. For one thing, I am disabled by illness. I did not go to an Ivy League University. My parents did not give me a cushy job or a trust fund. My parents were the working class poor, but I worked three and more jobs to go to community college and worked full time at that college to finish my state university education. I have worked as a babysitter, au pair, custodian, secretary, assistant, and manager to go through six years of higher education debt free. How many people can say that? 

I guess my blue-eyes and dark blonde hair denote my "privilege." What a crock. My genetics come from Iranian tribes who first developed the blonde and red hair as well as green and blue eyed mutations. My grandmother was an immigrant who fled the Bolshevik Revolution in Belarus. So my heritage is a combination of Muslim, Christian, and Jew. Who would of thunk it?

The media is so enamored with itself yet it will NOT discuss what makes an American, an American. Most Americans are not from a true white stock. Americans have married and intermarried with every nation, religion, and creed. It is the media that is so focused on illegal aliens instead of celebrating what immigration has meant to this country. The media only focuses on the negative to further its own selfish agenda when being an American means having a varied genetic profile. 

In the past, the United States has restricted access to this land for a variety of reasons including country of origin, health, and ability. These restrictions happened to protect the culture and economy. Today, illegal immigration not only places our citizens, culture, and economy in harms way, but also creates a black market of flesh, drugs, and sex. Black market humans have a significant dark effect on the surrounding environment. This negativity grows until the impact can no longer be denied, and America has come to this juncture. 

The media is still in denial because the agenda is to move away from American ideals and values. This point can be seen by how Americans are treated by the media. Instead of baffling Americans with distraction after distraction, the media could educate but the media is too fixated on training Americans. Training someone to become reactionary is emotional and mental abuse. Educating someone to find wisdom is an act of freewill. The Entertainment Industry is using its power to influence in order to control and dominant like any abuser would to a would-be victim, in this case, the American public.

What prompted this abusive behavior in media? Look no further than the failed theory called: Globalism. 

Globalist control of America is a real problem. A tyrannical force seeks to subdue the American spirit. The media is Globalism's favorite pimp trying to train us to turn tricks.

Globalism seeks to centralize power by social, political, and monetary means. Globalism has turned America into an unlawful and illegal surveillance state and is against American values like the 4th and 5th Amendments, Globalists push illegal immigration to conquer native people's for social and political control of regions. Low wage workers with little to no education are a corporation's dream and an American's nightmare. Monetary control is the pentacle of this abuse in the form of the Federal Reserve, which is a corrupt institution that puppeteers American politicians, interest rates, and bubbles, busts, and booms.

Americans as well as the Entertainment Industry need to return to their roots to combat this communistic and socialist agenda of Globalism: 

The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution
The Bill of Rights

There is so much wrong in the world and the media facilitates this bias. Guilty before proven innocent is one. American media and entertainers slander and accuse people of wrongdoing yet provide no discernible proof and make no formal legal charges. These tantrums ruin careers and lives.

That is why the United States is a Republic and not a Democracy. America is not ruled by immaturity but by individual rights over mob rule. Accusations, slander, and other tenets of the Globalist dystopia are using mob rule to manipulate the American people away from their rights. Mob rule has given the history books: the Witch Trials, and the socialist riots in American streets a few years ago. 

Again, that is why America is a Republic, not a democracy. Americans have rights. Americans don’t have privileges.

Tell that to the fake and dysfunctional media, including the Entertainment Industry. 

I hope more people turn off the sloppy slop and poor excuses for entertainment until American values are returned to late night viewing.


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