The Town Santa Forgot

In the small town of Saguaro Hill, Arizona, there is an ongoing history-mystery as to why Santa has never visited. Children have never received a single gift for the Yuletide holidays since the town's establishment in 1888.

The public librarian, Rachel George, is tasked by Mayor Higgins to research the urban legend and discover the real reason why Santa has never flown over, let alone stepped foot, in their village.

Rumors abound, but are there any facts to this case?

Or, will Santa remain a no-show for the ages?

Rachel is determined to find out the truth as to why she lives in The Town Santa Forgot.


Winter Frost Seasonal Reads
Original publishing date: December 13, 2023.  

Cover Reveal Party - December 9-11, 2023.
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Naughty or nice, Santa thinks about visiting, twice. 

A Yuletide Carol. 

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Critical Acclaim from Readers: 

"A delightful Christmas tale.

"A tale that will tickle the whole family’s fancies. The perfect holiday gift, but would be fun to read year round. As with most Christmas stories, this one is filled with love and hope. I give The Town Santa Forgot five quills."




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