Goblin King

When a Vinyagen (gypsy witch), Katarina Jurawoky, creates a spell to ensnare an evil man, Varkolax, the spell backfires on him. He had stolen the spell that had not been perfected. In his rage, he kidnaps and tortures her daughter, Irina, for another spell. This time he wants to bring the monster he created: The Fell, to heel.

Again, the Vinyagen puts in a failsafe. The werewolves and vampires would have to maintain a symbiotic relationship in order to survive. In addition, she places a hierarchical structure to create an underworld separate from the human world in motion.

A product of the spell was a new entity, a stronger, more powerful entity, known as the Goblin King. He alone had the power of both vampires and werewolves combined with that of an ancient being known as an Elemental. Neither good nor evil, The Goblin King became the ultimate force on the planet… even more powerful than the gods/goddesses themselves. 

In the power struggle between supernatural beings who prowl the night in search of human blood and flesh, who would be victorious? Since then, the Goblin King disappeared from knowledge and sight. The Great War did not stir him. Magic did not call him. 

Did the spell work? Or, is humanity on the brink of extinction once the werewolves and vampires realize there is no one left to maintain the balance between the daylight and the moonlight?  

Winter Frost Seasonal Reads
Original publishing date: TBA  
In the dark, there rises a new power.

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Legacy Universe 
This short story is a part of Undawnted's Exclusive Legacy Universe. Discover more details with In the Name of Blood and Nocturnal Redemption (Legacy Universe Origin Stories)

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