So you decided to see what the spacer ~ does? 

Welcome to Undawnted's version of an Easter Egg/Scavenger Hunt. 

Check back often, as Undawnted will be publishing some tidbits and goodies for our readers here. We will run Specials and Freebies, as well as Extended Universe promos, more Exclusive Content, and other great insider scoops about your favorite characters, novels, short stories, and poetry.

Do you know what our other Easter Eggs look like? 

(Can you find them all?)


Curiosity didn't kill the cat this time, so claim your reward:

Use Undawnted's Contact Undawnted form, select Contests / Prizes / Goodie Bag and Contest. Then write in the message section, that you have discovered "Easter Egg Number ~1$" for your prize of the month. 

It could be an eBook, free subscription, newsletter mailing list inclusion, or a number of other fun gifts.


Fine Print: you can only enter Easter Egg with a certain number/name combination once. The other Easter Eggs have different name/number combinations, so going ~ through the keyboard will do you no good. You actually have to find the other hidden gems on this website. 

Good luck!

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