Sunday, September 19, 2021

WordCrafter Blog Tour: Where Spirits Linger Review

Out of the corner of your eye you see a shadow move, a presence in the distance. 

Is someone trying to get your attention or hide from you? Ghost stories are as old as human civilization itself. The paranormal intrigues us, shapes our view of the after life, and haunts our dreams. 

The anthology, Where Spirits Linger gives us a taste of the various ways we mere mortals can experience the spirit world. In the six short stories, the reader is transported in time and space into these realms of impossibility. So real in fact that the improbable comes across as probable. 

The People Up Stairs by Kaye Lynne Booth takes on a journey with Cassie. Cassie from an eight year old to a nineteen year old tells her story in diary form about the apparitions living on the second floor of Edna's house. A mystery wrapped in a conundrum. Is Cassie's fate sealed by her acceptance of  the spirits from beyond? 

Listen to the Instructions by Roberta Eaton Cheadle is a tale of twisted fate. If you carried out the will of the deceased, then your life will be tame. But, if you were only in the game for self-indulgence, then your life would exist in misery. Which would you choose? Listen to a ghost? Or listen to yourself? Your life may depend on it. 

The Chosen Few by Enid Holden is a short story from the spirits' point of view. These ghosts control their surroundings and the people who dare live in their dwelling of choice. Would you live in this haunted place? If you knew, the spirits created your experience for their own entertainment? 

The Final Portrait by S.L. Kretschmer asks the reader to understand a spirit. A painting showed how someone died, but would you, if asked by a ghost, to paint them as they were? What would you do? Honor a final request? Or, depart without a second thought? How the living see the dead can leave a lasting impression in this world, and the next 

David’s Revenge by Stevie Turner is a story about plotting. If you died tomorrow, how would you set up everyone in your life? Would you leave them in peace? Or, would you make suspicion the focus? David died and he had everyone on the hook. He even manipulated the police and psychic medium to do his bidding. Is this how you would spend your time before you left your body for good? 

Olde Tyme Village by Christa Planko is about Steve and an old estate belonging to his family. A chance visit that led to many more questions than answers. Could Steve return the property to its former glory? Or was the estate too haunted to become anything more than a ghost asylum? Will the reader ever know? 

Where Spirits Linger gives the audience the ups and downs of different hauntings. From the tame to the problematic, this anthology has a story for everyone's paranormal tastes.  Why not, take a bite?

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