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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Macbeth: Writing is About Inner Reflection and Exploration

The authentic soul of a writer cannot be defined by psychology or sociology. 

Writers who delve into the mysteries of the ages, read the depths of knowledge, and wallow in the forgotten landscape of ancient words are the writers of conscious. These individuals make up the heart of the writing community. Fads come and go but the true writer remains. 

Often sidelined for not being in the in-crowd, authentic spirits continue in their journey to enlightenment. Restless, these writers write what others scoff at: chivalry, morality, and fortitude. 

What do you write? 

In our quest to understand human nature, do we remember our own? Or, do we succumb to the voices without and ignore the voices within? 

Writing Exercise
How is Macbeth a victim of his own choices? to the external voices? 

How can writers learn from this Shakespearean tale? Are we in danger during these current turmoils to succumb to the hysterical cries of the mob? 

Write an essay using examples on how Macbeth is the symbol for the modern protester. Compare and contrast the idea. 

Is modern culture that different from the stories told hundreds of years ago? Have we changed for the better or the worse? 

For clues, ask Macbeth!

Have a great and wonderful day.