Saturday, March 14, 2015

Would You Like Some Whine with Your Dinner?

Funny how people will whine about doing something instead of actually doing it.

"But I don't want to... Can you do... Why should I have to..." We have all heard the excuses of someone who does not want to pull their weight. It is like if they whine, carry on, or waste time, a fairy god mother will swoop down and do whatever it is that is causing the two year old tantrum for them. 

I do not get it. If you did not whine and bellow like a dog on his last legs, the chore or item you did not want any part of would already be done. 

People do it all the time. Procrastination, they say. Unmotivated, others say. But who's to say?

Sound like anyone you know? Just like in real life situations, characters in our stories have the same faults and behaviors. When creating characters make sure to give them an attribute of someone you know.

Have a great and wonderful day!

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