Literary Literature

Here we will discuss writing. How can writers use language to create fictional realms and memorable characters yet also support the tenets of our own mythological heritage? Is writing all about the Benjamins? Or, can writing be taken to the next level and change the world for the better?

The Great American Novel
What is the Great American Novel? And who would want to write such a thing anyway?


A Writer's Guide to Writing
Writers are inundated with corporate publishing guidelines: purchase this and that service or you are not considered a professional writer. We have to ask ourselves: is the corporate definition of writing the only litmus test? 


Writing for a Better s Society
Do writers have an obligation to write for the betterment of society. Or, should writers remain on the sidelines of political and social debates? This essay asks the questions as well as sets up some guidelines for writers to use in their quest to answer the call of history.


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Critical Acclaim from Readers

"I especially like some of the modern forms of poetry that have come along. Poetry is self-expression and choice of words. Good article. "

"I agree with you completely. Writing poetry is like doing photography - you have to know the rules but also know how to bend them for great effect. I love mixing language from old English with modern speech and inserting words from French such as Faire and extant where they fit well and say so much."

"The only thing about writing the great one, is how do you top yourself with the next book."

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