Healthy Home Project

The Healthy Home Project

Your external environment is just as important as your internal one. Here are some recipes that will keep your body healthy on the outside.

Our grandparents used natural ingredients to clean their clothes, homes, and themselves. The modern age has lost its connectivity to nature with commercial products full of chemicals that are not labeled on the package.

Time to get back to basics and really clean up.

The Healthy Home Project booklets and their recipes include:

Liquid Hand Soap
Many products on the market claim to be antibacterial but do not list the pesticides that create that bacterial imbalance on your skin. With this easy recipe, now you won't have to.

Cheap, easy to make, and unscented is the happiest accident I have ever made. This recipe cleans without harmful chemicals, horrible fragrances, or shocking expense.

Shouldn't mopping be a solution instead of making your home a toxic soup? Easy, quick, and unscented to use in your home.

 A smart way to eliminate odors without the harsh chemicals and perfumes.

Natural Weed Killer
Everything should be this easy without exposing you, your children, or your pets to cancer causing chemicals.

Disinfectant Spray 
Clean your house without the toxic chemicals.


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