Get the Scoop! with the Novelist

Undawnted's Column Exclusive: Get the Scoop! with the Novelist. 

These are professional write-ups that are detailed and precise. Ratings are taken with seriousness and are not subject to whims or partiality. 

If you ask for a critique or review, then you will receive a frank, technical, and prepared one as can be provided by the novelist, DL Mullan. 

Current reviews are published on this site as well as her IMDB and Amazon Prime Profiles.
Please leave a Helpful Vote, as well as leave a comment where applicable.

Thank you for participating in this review experience. If you would like DL Mullan to review a specific film, please use the Contact form to make your request.

She loves hearing from her audience.


If you would like a critique or review of your project (book, chapbook, movie, video short, or other), use this Contact Form and the staff at Undawnted will contact you to schedule one. 

We do ask for nothing above an R rating. No NC-17, X, or erotica will be accepted in any form, including but not limited to: film, audio, or written. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

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