These art/poetry combo books will feature the world's best paintings, photography, and poetry from the public domain arena of master artisans as well as my personal inspired prosaic and poetic reflections.

The Impressionists
Poetry and prose inspired by the paintings from this art school.

Cities and Landscapes
Art chronicling a slower time and place.

The Electric Universe
Space photography always inspires new thoughts about our reality. 

Speak to Me
Ever wanted to reply to your favorite poet? This chapbook answers the questions we long to have asked.

*All works used in these chapbooks are in the Public Domain and academic citations are presented in accordance with copyright law and fair use policies.


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Critical Acclaim from Readers

"This is absolutely the best poem of its type I've ever read. It's pure imagination--yet as a reader I can tell it took a long time and a great amount of thought to put it together, or perhaps you are in the same mold as Asminov. I applaud your work, Ms Mullan. Bravo!"

"I love this poem! It has a mysterious quality and theme, beautiful language and word pictures and terrific final line. The entire last stanza is just wonderful. Excellent writing!"

Source: Moontown Cafe